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Munday interviewed on Nature Podcast (12/20/2018) - For the Dec 19th Nature Podcast: Quantum physics adds a twist and festive fun, reports interview Prof. Munday about their recent paper on the first measurement of the Casimir torque.
Our manuscript on the Casimir torque published in Nature (12/20/2018) - Our new paper in Nature describes how quantum fluctuations of electromagnetic fields give rise to a Casimir torque. This manuscript describes the first experimental observation of this phenomenon. There is an accompanying News & Views article as well as various reports
Jeremy gives invited talk at OSA’s Latin America Optics & Photonics Conference (11/19/2018) - Prof. Munday gives an invited presentation at OSA’s Latin America Optics & Photonics Conference. Thanks to Gustavo and Alexandre for the invitation!
Prof. Jeremy Munday receives DARPA Young Faculty Award (8/31/2018) - Associate Professor Jeremy Munday was selected by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to receive a Young Faculty Award for his research project entitled “Engineering the Quantum Vacuum.” This award will lead to an exciting expansion of the groups

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