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Munday gives invited talk at the 2016 International Semiconductor Device Research Symposium (12/10/2016) - Jeremy presents an invited talk at the 2016 International Semiconductor Device Research Symposium (ISDRS), which focuses on exploratory research in electronic and photonic materials and devices.
mrs_400x400 Jeremy gives invited talk at MRS about tunable photonic elements for solar (12/1/2016) - Prof. Munday gives a presentation entitled, “Tunable photonic elements for solar energy” at the Fall meeting of the Materials Research Society fall meeting in Boston, MA. The talk was part of Symposium Symposium NM4: Nanomaterials-Based Solar Energy Conversion and described
acs_video_image Our work on self-powered solar smart windows featured in ACS pressroom (11/20/2016) - Joe Murray’s work on  solar smart windows that can power themselves is published online in ACS Photonics and is featured in the ACS pressroom. Accompanying video shows device operation. Great job!
acs Jeremy gives invited talk at the ACS meeting in Galveston, TX (11/12/2016) - Jeremy gives an invited talk at the Southwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in Galveston, TX. Thanks to Isabell Thomann for the invitation!
cover_jap_2016 Joe Murray’s light trapping work on the Cover of the Journal of Applied Physics (10/29/2016) - The Oct 28th cover of the Journal of Applied Physics features Joe Murray’s work on a generalized approached to calculating scattering and absorption solar cells. The image is a true-color photograph take from his experimental setup that shows the specular

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