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Jeremy gives CNAM Colloquium on “The Physics and Photonics of Next Generation Solar Cells” (1/28/2016) - Jeremy gives talk entitled “The Physics and Photonics of Next Generation Solar Cells” for the Center for Nanophysics and Advanced Materials (CNAM) Colloquium. Thanks to Victor Yakovenko and Chris Lobb for hosting me!
New paper on light trapping experiments published (1/16/2016) - Joe Murray’s paper on experimentally determining internal light scattering and trapping within a material is published in the Journal of Applied Physics. Good job Joe!
OSA Tao’s work highlighted as Top Downloads in Optical Materials Express (1/16/2016) - Our recent paper “Materials for hot carrier plasmonics [Invited]” is listed in Top Downloads from December 2015 from Optical Materials Express.
Collaborations with Leite lab featured on two Covers this week (12/9/2015) - Our recent work work with the Leite lab was featured on the covers of Advanced Energy Materials and ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. The works separately discuss (1) a new method to resolve the open circuit voltage of solar cells
twitter We’re on twitter! (12/8/2015) - The Munday Lab can now be found on twitter: @MundayLab .

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