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Our work on engineered photon recycling appears on the cover of Advanced Optical Materials (4/18/2018) - From solar cells for power generation to microprocessors and laser pointers, semiconductor materials are a key ingredient in modern technology. However, the color of light that gets absorbed or emitted by these materials is usually fixed, placing limitations on their
Lisa receives Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship (4/5/2018) - Congratulations to Lisa Krayer, who has been awarded the Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship.
Lisa’s paper on hot carrier photodetectors is featured on the cover of ACS Photonics (2/21/2018) - Graduate student Lisa Krayer’s paper on Near-IR Imaging Based on Hot Carrier Generation in Nanometer-Scale Optical Coatings is on the cover of the February issue of ACS Photonics. Congratulations, Lisa!
Sarvenaz receives Harry K. Wells Graduate Fellowship (2/20/2018) - Congratulations to Sarvenaz, who was selected for the 2018 Harry K. Wells Graduate Fellowship. More information can be found here.
Our measurement of the Casimir force between two spheres is published in PRL (1/25/2018) - Our latest work revealing the Casimir force between two spheres is published in Physical Review Letters and is featured in APS’s Physic Synopsis and at UMD in ECE, Engineering, and Physics. Congratulations to first author Joe Garrett!

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