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Jeremy gives seminar at the Laboratory for Physical Sciences discussing photon control and steering (4/21/2017) - Prof. Munday’s talk was entitled “Steering photons: from IR detectors and smart windows to space propulsion.” Thanks to Paul Kolb for the invitation and tour.
Prof. Munday is promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with tenure (3/16/2017) - Jeremy has been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with Tenure by University of Maryland President Wallace Loh, effective July 1, 2017. An announcement from the department can be found here.
New paper published showing nanoscale time-dynamics of perovskite solar cells (3/13/2017) - Congratulations to Joe and Beth for their paper in NanoLetters, where they image the time-dynamics of the open-circuit voltage of perovskite solar cells with nanoscale resolution. This work was a collaboration between our group, the Leite group, and the Huang
David’s new paper discusses repulsive Casimir forces between identical birefringent materials (3/13/2017) - Our latest work in Physical Review A shows how two identical materials can be repelled by the Casimir when a specific set of conditions are met. Good work, David!
Solar sail work featured on the cover of Advanced Optical Materials (2/16/2017) - Dakang’s work on electrically switchable solar sails is featured on the front cover of Advanced Optical Materials – Congratulations! The work was also highlighted in Advanced Science News in an article entitled “Travelling through Space with Solar Sails” and on the

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