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YunluThesisDefense Yunlu successfully defends his PhD thesis (8/18/2016) - Congratulations to the latest doctor, Dr. Xu!
Invited talk discusses the interplay between simulations and experiments at PIERS 2016 (8/15/2016) - Jeremy gives an invited talk at PIERS in Shanghai for the session “Optoelectronic simulation technologies for photoconversion devices.” Thanks to Zongfu Yu and Xiaofeng Li for the invitation!
img_6042 Jeremy visits NASA for solar sail demo and presentation  (7/15/2016) - Thanks to Tiffany Russell Lockett and all of the solar sailers for a great visit!  Looking forward to seeing the craft in space!
Dan defends Masters Thesis (7/8/2016) - Congratulations to Dan Goldman, who successfully defended his Masters thesis entitled Design of nanophotonic antireflection coatings for III-V thin-film photovoltaics. Good job, Dan!

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