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naelogo Jeremy attends National Academy of Engineering workshop (9/21/2016) - Prof. Munday attends the Frontiers of Engineering workshop in Irvine, CA sponsored by the National Academy of Engineering.
Congratulations to Dr. Gong (9/13/2016) - Tao Gong successfully defends his thesis on Hot Carrier Plasmonics. Good job, Tao!
YunluThesisDefense Yunlu successfully defends his PhD thesis (8/18/2016) - Congratulations to the latest doctor, Dr. Xu!
Invited talk discusses the interplay between simulations and experiments at PIERS 2016 (8/15/2016) - Jeremy gives an invited talk at PIERS in Shanghai for the session “Optoelectronic simulation technologies for photoconversion devices.” Thanks to Zongfu Yu and Xiaofeng Li for the invitation!

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