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Collaborative work revisiting cold fusion published in Nature

The Munday group, in collaboration with the University of British Columbia, MIT, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Google, recently published a paper in Nature disclosing a multi-year effort to revisit cold fusion.

Our Casimir force work is featured in Physics World

An article has been published in Physics World describing our upcoming paper on the Casimir force between two spheres.

New video about our switchable solar window posted by UMD

The University of Maryland produces a video describing our switchable solar window which was published recently in ACS Photonics. Thanks for your work on the video, Gabe!

University President Loh highlights Munday Lab’s work in annual spring video

University of Maryland President Wallace Loh highlights the Munday Lab’s work on switchable solar smart windows in his spring video entitled “Turn Imagination into Innovation.” The video can be found here (see the 2:05 minute mark).

Solar sail work featured on the cover of Advanced Optical Materials

Dakang’s work on electrically switchable solar sails is featured on the front cover of Advanced Optical Materials – Congratulations! The work was also highlighted in Advanced Science News in an article entitled “Travelling through Space with Solar Sails” and on the

Our work on self-powered solar smart windows featured in ACS pressroom

Joe Murray’s work on  solar smart windows that can power themselves is published online in ACS Photonics and is featured in the ACS pressroom. Accompanying video shows device operation. Great job! December update: Work was also picked up by Chemical

Jeremy gives an invited talk at META’16

Nanotechnology cover features our recent KPFM work

Congratulations to Joe Garrett, whose recent work on a fast, high-resolution KPFM is featured on the cover of Nanotechnology!

Jeremy give invited talk at conference in Hong Kong

Jeremy presents the group’s latest work on Casimir forces and torques at the conference on Casimir and van der Waals Physics: Progress and Prospects at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Thanks to Ho Bun, Diego, Daniel and George

Munday wins ONR YIP Award

Munday is named a 2016 Office of Naval Research (ONR) Young Investigator Program (YIP) recipient. The award will enable Prof. Munday to expand his research in novel optoelectronic materials.