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Munday interviewed on Nature Podcast

For the Dec 19th Nature Podcast: Quantum physics adds a twist and festive fun, reports interview Prof. Munday about their recent paper on the first measurement of the Casimir torque.

Our manuscript on the Casimir torque published in Nature

Our new paper in Nature describes how quantum fluctuations of electromagnetic fields give rise to a Casimir torque. This manuscript describes the first experimental observation of this phenomenon. There is an accompanying News & Views article as well as various reports

Jeremy gives invited talk at OSA’s Latin America Optics & Photonics Conference

Prof. Munday gives an invited presentation at OSA’s Latin America Optics & Photonics Conference. Thanks to Gustavo and Alexandre for the invitation!

Prof. Jeremy Munday receives DARPA Young Faculty Award

Associate Professor Jeremy Munday was selected by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to receive a Young Faculty Award for his research project entitled “Engineering the Quantum Vacuum.” This award will lead to an exciting expansion of the groups

Munday gives two invited talks at SPIE Optics + Photonics conference in San Diego

Our paper on multiscale functional imaging is now published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

Read Joe Garrett’s latest work using harmonic mixing to tune the resolution of KPFM in-situ at ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

New paper characterizing nanoscale reactions published and highlighted in media

Joe, Tarun, and Kevin’s latest paper has been published in Review of Scientific Instruments, and has been highlighted in AIP’s SciLight: Novel apparatus simultaneously and fully characterizes nanoscale reactions.

Munday gives two invited talks at PIERS 2018

Jeremy gives two talks at the PIERS conference in Toyama, Japan discussing: 1) the use of hot electrons and photon recycling in novel optoelectronic devices and 2) the group’s latest Casimir force experiments.

David Somers successfully defends his thesis on the Casimir torque

Congratulations to David!

Lisa and Tristan host lab tour for NSBE National Leadership Conference

Thanks to Lisa and Tristan for helping setup a lab tour for the National Society of Black Engineers National Leadership Conference at UMD this week and to Emily Irwin for setting it up.