Safety is a top priority in the lab. Below are the steps that must be taken by all lab users. Please read this page COMPLETELY. There is 1 in lab training and 3 UMD trainings.

(1) First an in lab training will be conducted. Once this has been completed, you must fill out this online form to certify that you have completed this training with Prof. Munday. The form can be found here. A paper version is available to print and take to the lab if needed.

(2) The University requires that all laboratory personnel take the Chemical Hygiene Training (online) and the New laboratory Researcher Training (in person). Because of the lasers in our lab, an additional Laser Safety (part online and part in person) training is required. Once you have completed all three, following form: Training_Completed. Also, send Prof. Munday an email with the certificates for book keeping.

UMD Laser Safety Training: This contains both an online and in person component.
Chemical Hygiene Training (online)
New Laboratory Researcher Training (for graduate students)
New Laboratory Researcher for Undergraduates Training (for undergraduates)

(3) Below are additional resources and information.

Other Documents:
Chemical Hygiene Plan
Chemical Inventory and MSDS are in the folder in the lab. When new chemicals are added to the lab, they must be added to the list and the MSDS must be included.

Safety Training Certifications